Nowadays, information technology has become practically essential in any company. Email, office automation tools, billing, accounting… everything is largely managed by computers that must be in the best possible conditions.

Below I am going to list the 8 main reasons why companies should hire a computer maintenance service for their computers:

  • Your business needs you. All the time that we waste fixing our company’s computer by ourselves, is time that we are not dedicating to making our business go better. For example, when we entrust the new salesperson to reinstall our computer, we are forgetting that while that salesperson performs this task (for which he may be more or less prepared), he is not dedicating himself to selling, the main reason why we hired him.
  • Guarantee a response time. On some occasions, when a computer fails, we cannot waste time looking for repair centers or someone we know who can fix it. That time can be critical and we need to be calm by having a guaranteed response time.
  • Preventive actions. Many times it is not possible to foresee failures before they occur, but other times it is enough to carry out preventive maintenance that allows errors to be detected before they grow and become much more serious incidents. A computer maintenance service will try to detect these errors in time and solve them.
  • Backups. Unfortunately, we only remember backups when we need them. A computer maintenance service will design a good backup policy and periodically check that everything works as planned.
  • Technological advice. Our company does not have to be an expert in all kinds of technologies. If we are a fine resource office, we will know well the procedures of the files, resources, trials… but we do not have to know if this mobile phone is the one I need or if my accounting application will go faster on a new computer. The computer maintenance service advises you in making these decisions.
  • Inventory of the computer park. How many computers do we have in the company? Are they very old? Are they under warranty? A computer maintenance service should answer these questions in a matter of minutes by having our equipment inventory updated at all times.
  • Substitution team. Sometimes the repair of a computer can take time for various reasons: lack of spare parts, dumps of a lot of information, reinstallations… It is important to know that you can have a computer while yours is being repaired so that you can continue working.
  • You are not served by a person, but by a company. When we trust a person with the maintenance of our computers, we run the risk that only they can attend to us. In this way, complicated situations arise in which we cannot contact the technician (he is on vacation, sick leave, at the cinema…) and there is no one else who can take charge. It is important to have a service that does not depend on a single person and that has all our systems documented so that any IT person can solve problems.

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