A rack cabinet is more common than we think.

Indeed on some occasions, you have entered the offices of a company, and you have seen that they have cabinets with metal doors from which a series of cables come out.

These rack cabinets or computer cabinets are elements of vital importance.

Its primary function is to host or store, in a functional way, the entire computer or telecommunia practicalallation.

In these cabinets, we can find switches, network systems, servers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)… In short, all the cabling is needed and used in companies.
At wpkraken we want to tell you about all the advantages you should know about its functionalities, dimensions and even the benefits of installing a rack cabinet. Stay with us to find out!

What is a rack cabinet?

As we mentioned a few moments ago, these computer cabinets are metal structures that house, in an orderly and organized manner, the cabling and telecommunications infrastructure of certain companies.

Any office with a minimum number of wired equipment needs this type of structure.

Also, it will be much easier if you want to access its interior and find a specific cable.

These computer elements usually have previously defined and standardized measurements of 19 inches.

This is done so that there is compatibility between the manufacturers of rack cabinets and any computer equipment we will install.
We can find rack cabinets with glass doors to see what is inside without having to access its interior.

There are also rack cabinets with perforated metal doors, whose objective is to ensure the cooling of the interior of this equipment.

Types of rack cabinets

There are various types of rack cabinets. The decision of what kind of rack cabinet to install will depend on your and your workspace needs.

A limited workspace or a wiring system is why installing a rack cabinet in your office could help you.
There are data centre rack cabinets, multipurpose rack cabinets, soundproof rack cabinets… In this case, we will comment on two of the most used: floor rack cabinets and wall-mounted rack cabinets.

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