There are some tips in which you can protect yourself from cyber attacks, although that does not mean that you do not have to continue to be careful with your use of devices and the internet.

  • Use complex and lengthy passwords: you must use lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and numbers. Do not use the same password for the rest of the places. Of course, do not use any proper name or elements, such as the DNI.
  • Please do not give personal data: of course, do not do it on unreliable websites or social networks. Only in safe spaces and be aware of to whom we send texts and images.
  • Check authentic links and profiles: beware of false profiles on social networks as they will want to obtain data by posing as companies, and beware of fraudulent links.
  • Update your equipment: This is because updates improve security flaws. Don’t forget to install an updated antivirus.
  • Complaint: if browsing the internet, you find a suspicious web page or one with inappropriate content, you should report it to the authorities.

How can I improve cybersecurity?

Investing in cybersecurity is justified for SMEs since 70% of attacks are directed at them since they have been vulnerable due to not having digital infrastructures.

There are a series of guidelines that we recommend you follow to avoid them:

  • Make sure a padlock appears next to the link in the browser box when you have to enter sensitive information like a phone number, password, or credit card.
  • Update the antivirus, the programs, the browser and your operating system.
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi networks or as little as possible.
  • Don’t use the same passwords on all accounts.
  • Make sure that the web pages you visit are ‘https’.

These tips are pretty easy to apply in our day-to-day. They are small acts that will save us economic and information losses.

If you suffer a cyberattack, you must report it to the competent authorities. If personal data has been compromised, you must notify the Spanish Data Protection Agency or INCIBE-CERT. You can also report them to the state security forces, that is, to the Telematics Crimes Group of the Civil Guard or the Technological Investigation Brigade of the Police.

To prevent a cyberattack from suffering damage to your company, you can follow the advice above, but it is not enough. You must have a computer maintenance service in the company. To avoid loss, you must ensure your company files are safe.
Keep your company safe by contracting computer maintenance for equipment security, whether for your home or your company. If you are interested in enjoying these services, do not hesitate to contact wpkraken. We will be happy to help you!

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