Sometimes we are away from work and need to find the most suitable option to access information. One of them is to synchronize corporate email.

The main application will help us to automatically synchronize and be aware of the company’s mail messages.
From wpkraken we will teach you how to use the synchronization option of your email provider. This way, you will be able to know in real-time the status of the inbox of the corporate email address. Indeed you are interested!

What do you need to sync email?

Before going into depth, we must explain the technical concepts.

One of the options for this is to synchronize Gmail or another email application in our terminal. Before that, we must consider the different elements necessary to log in successfully. To do this, you will need:

  • Update the email application: thanks to it, errors are corrected. Preferably set it to update automatically.
  • Email or company email: although it seems obvious, there are times when we make a mistake or forget to ask for the email. It must be previously created, and we can configure it.
  • Password: This information will be provided to you by the company.
  • Username: This is the name associated with the account. It usually is the same as the email, although to avoid confusion, it is better to ask for it.
  • Server: is the server address that manages this mail. This may vary depending on the protocol type (IMAP or OPO3). You also have to consider whether it is an outgoing or incoming server. This information must be provided.
  • Port: we must know the port number. It varies depending on the server type, connection, and protocol used.
  • Type of connection: an encrypted or SSL connection is usually used, although there are still cases where they connect through non-secure links. We must make sure which one is used by our company account.

These are the most common elements to configure corporate mail. There may be other variables, and our provider should tell us if we need to change them.

How to sync email

We must start configuring the company email if we already have the information and variables mentioned in the previous section. Beforehand you will have to think about whether you will do it from a mobile app or if you want to do it from a computer in your preferred browser.

To start with it, you must choose whether the type of configuration will be automatic or manual. We recommend the manual way because you will have to enter the fields we mentioned before: email, username and password.

You will have to choose the incoming server, the type of connection, the port and the incoming and outgoing server route and the secure or non-secure connection.

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