Computer maintenance goes beyond taking care of computers. You must also have good servers, legal and up-to-date operating systems, and be able to act quickly in the event of any incident.

Here we will explain some of the most important aspects:

The importance of cybersecurity

Did you know that 60% of SMEs suffering a cyberattack disappear within six months? The cost of these attacks is very high and can lead to business failure.

Computer maintenance, in these cases, is responsible for making backup copies, establishing firewalls and maintaining antiviruses that protect the systems and other services that secure the equipment. In addition to:

  • Simulations of phishing and ransomware attacks
  • User training through interactive modules
  • Follow-up and periodic meetings to present the results, resolve doubts and identify the aspects that need to be reinforced.

At wpkraken, we have a specific cybersecurity service to keep our clients safe.

The importance of renewing equipment

To offer a quality service, it is essential to have everything related to technological equipment ready. For this reason, from wpkraken, we recommend renewing the components so that the work performance is much better.

In addition, we recommend working with Intel Core i5 – i7 processors, SSD hard drives and 8-16 GB RAM. With these features, the fluidity of work is remarkable, and the performance is even more outstanding, mainly if we use numerous applications.

If you need more information about the renewal of your computer park, consult our website.

The importance of renewing your server

For everything technological to work as it should, not only must the equipment be updated, but also the server.

Hiring a good server is essential for any company. Servers are one of the elements most sensitive to virus attacks, so they must be kept safe, updated and with regular backups to ensure that the information is stored safely.

In addition, having an online service will allow you to save costs and time, enhance the mobility of your team and increase security.
Do you have any doubts? Do you need a computer in Algeciras? If you want more information or need help, do not hesitate to contact us. We advise you without obligation and will look for the best service for your business. We are here to help you!

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