Another advantage offered by this type of communication is the possibility of measuring and understanding the behavior of our audience thanks to the analysis measurement function that the different email marketing tools have.

In this way, we identify their tastes and interests, and we can offer them the content that best suits them.

To evaluate the performance of your campaigns, it is essential that you first define the objectives you intend to achieve, such as increasing traffic to your website, increasing the number of subscribers, achieving more excellent deliverability, providing valuable content, etc.

The main Email Marketing KPIs that you need to know to optimize your campaigns are:

Open rate:

The opening rate communicates the percentage of people who have opened your email. That is, this index provides us with very relevant information since it lists those people who have been interested in our products, and we have managed to capture their attention.

To improve the opening rate, we can customize the email’s subject line and get our contacts’ attention.

Click rate:

This KPI will provide information on the number of people who click on a link in our email. The click rate will help us measure objectives such as traffic to our website and check which are the most popular pages within our website.

To increase the number of clicks, you must pay special attention to the care of your CTAs.

Reactivity rate:

Reactivity rate is the number of clicks from your contacts divided by the number of times the message is opened. This data illustrates very well the efficiency that your campaign is having since if your reactivity rate is low, your community is encouraged to read your message. Still, its content is not interesting for them.

Cancellation fee:

The cancellation rate indicates the number of people who have decided to unsubscribe from your emails. If this figure is high, perhaps you should ask yourself if you are sending too many emails.

Bounce rate:

This index refers to those contacts who have not received your email in their inbox. We recommend that you ensure you have the correct email for each connection to avoid errors of this type.

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