Contrary to what one might think, there are two types of laptops. In the first place, we have the computer with a personal or domestic character; on the other hand, there is the professional. They differ in that they have been prepared to be used for several hours in a row. If we use a professional laptop, it is expected to be used for a minimum of one working day, while a personal one is expected to be used for a maximum of 4 hours.

If you need to change or buy a professional laptop for the first time, here are the following tips so that you do not make a mistake in the purchase. Go for it!

How will I use my professional laptop?

What do I need my professional laptop for? Knowing the answer to this question is vital to buy the best computer for us. Different key characteristics are what we have to look at when purchasing.

  • Processors.
  • Memory.
  • Storage.
  • Screen.
  • Connectivity.
  • Mobility and autonomy.

Processors for professional laptops

Processors are hardware components whose primary function is to interpret the operation of a computer program through arithmetic and logic. The processor is the brain of the computer.

In general, at least a Core i5 (“G” and “P” series) should be used for any computer intended for office work, that is, for office automation tasks and the like.

But, if we need it for more creative tasks, such as audiovisual arts, or with a medium task demand, the Intel Core i7 or Ryzen 7 would be the best option (latest generation).

If it is needed for a process in which the tasks are cumbersome, such as for gaming, it can be divided into three:

  • For less demanding tasks: Intel Core i5 H-series.
  • For the most challenging tasks: Intel Core i7.
  • For the most enthusiastic tasks: Intel Core i9


The primary function of RAM is to load the instructions executed in the processor. In addition, it also stores all the data of the program that is running.

Your professional laptop could have different types of RAM, but which one is the best for me? The following characteristics must be considered to choose the most suitable one.

The active programs have to fit in the main memory: If we are going to have a strong flow of information and, therefore, a large number of open programs, the RAM must have enough capacity to have them running.
Dual/triple/quad channel enabled; this is only possible for some laptops; not all support it. It serves to double the bandwidth.
Have the highest frequencies in the modules.
Have the lowest possible latencies in the modules.

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