Despite technological advances, many of us continue to use the same authentication system based on a username and password on any platform.

Instead, there are numerous ways to authenticate ourselves more securely, adding an extra authentication known as a double authentication factor.

We achieve this with “this double lock” because it is even more difficult for impostors to access our accounts. It is no longer enough to know a password or a pin. Still, it will be necessary to have another authentication factor, such as a security code (token), fingerprint, voice activation, or SMS, among others.

How can I configure double-factor authentication?

There are endless ways you can set up two-factor authentication. We describe below the most used.

Via SMS. A clear example is when we make a payment through our banking application. Currently, when we purchase before the charge is executed, an SMS arrives on our phone and a security code, which we must enter to proceed with the desired management.

By fingerprint or facial recognition. This method is easy to find on our smartphones and laptops, where we have the option to unlock both using a pin or password, in addition to the second factor, such as our fingerprint or our face.

Via random token provided by Apps. There are applications like Google Authenticator, probably the best known of all. The method is straightforward since, once we register the account we want to protect, this application saves it so that every time we enter our history, we will have to enter the token provided by the application.

In addition, the good thing about these Apps is that the code expires in time, so they are regenerated, thus implementing extra security.

Is it worth applying this measure?

From wpkraken, we always recommend applying it since we make our accounts much more secure, and there is no risk of impersonation. It doesn’t take long to set it up, and it gives us complete security of our personal information.

Do not hesitate to contact us to advise you and choose the best for your company.

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