Technology and information technology have changed the way we work. And one of the sectors that have best adapted to it has been clinics and the health sector. However, we are constantly exposed to viruses, scams, and data theft. Computer security is, therefore, crucial, especially when handling sensitive information.

Protecting this confidential information is necessary to ensure the center’s proper functioning. You have to follow good computer practices and apply common sense regarding the use we give to our computer equipment.

In this article, we will tell you some tips to protect data, and we will talk about the importance of computer security in medical consultations or clinics. Do not miss it!

Cyberattacks on clinics or health centers: a novel practice?

If we talk about advances in computer systems, clinics and health centers have come a long way. Everything that had to be done manually before is now possible with just a few minutes on the computer.

Cyber ​​attacks on these sectors were not expected. It has always been known that it was not a sector of interest to cybercriminals.

However, little by little, this has been changing. With the arrival of the pandemic, the number of cyber-attacks has increased by 48%. A worrying situation has led to an awareness of the importance of computer security.

GDPR: cybersecurity in hospitals and clinics

All primary care centers, clinics, and hospitals are vulnerable to malicious attacks. They are places that contain a lot of personal information of many patients.

In this way, more and more cybersecurity policies try to protect said information. One of the most important is the new standard or General

Data Protection Regulation RGPD.

It has been a mandatory regulation since 2018 that governs the behavior of all companies or organizations around the information and data that people obtain. A standard that protects people and is focused on preventing identity theft. The use of VPNs in hospitals can also serve as a protection measure against possible attacks.

Some of the most common computer security-related issues that arise in medical systems are:

  • Lack of software and hardware update
  • Do not back up
  • Do not perform diagnostics and security analysis.

Tips for computer security

Here are some tips you should keep in mind to prevent third parties from accessing and stealing your data

updated system

Something significant to protect your data is to keep the system updated with the latest version. Computers with outdated systems are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. They are easier to attack by cybercriminals. Also, some Windows systems take too long to install new updates.

Don’t forget to update all apps as well. This is a straightforward thing to do regularly, and it will prevent your programs from stopping working properly.

strong passwords

Forget typing easy and simple passwords. We recommend you write a maximum of 12 alphanumeric characters.

Also, don’t use the same professional passwords as your ones. And finally, do not include special dates or names of your children.

Updated antivirus

Do you know the problems you could avoid with the correct maintenance of the antivirus? Thanks to them, computer infections that can cause significant issues are avoided.

A good antivirus detects and fixes threats before the breach occurs to prevent data loss.

Protect WiFi and use a firewall

The same thing happens with access passwords. The WiFi has to be protected with a secure key and is difficult to access. If you offer internet to your clients in your clinic, it is recommended that you set up an alternative network.

You can hide the network SSID or filter access by MAC address. On the other hand, use a firewall that blocks cybercriminals from trying to access your computer equipment. Change the password. Otherwise, it is no longer secure.


All data, in addition to being recorded, must be protected. That is why it is crucial to make backup copies regularly. Can you imagine losing all the information about your patients? It would be a severe problem.

For this reason, do not forget to make these backup copies because you can continue to be operational if a computer attack occurs.

Do you want more information about tips for computer security?

At wpkraken, we have the ISO 27001 information security certification. A certification guarantees that our service complies with the information and data security requirements.

Do you have any doubts? Contact us. We will be happy to advise you and offer you the best service adapted to your company.
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