Today, computers have become our primary work tool. All generations have had to adapt to the technological age, becoming actual computer scientists. Even many of us already dare to repair our laptops without the need to go to a technician.

Fixing a computer is not easy, but it all depends on the problem it presents. We always recommend going to a specialist if you see that the fix is ​​more complicated than you thought or if you cannot solve it by yourself.

In any case, from wpkraken, we bring you a series of tricks to repair your laptop. Let’s go there!

Tips to repair your laptop

There are numerous tricks to repair your laptop, but in this article, we have selected those that we believe may be most useful to you. Take note!

1. Analyze the problem

The first thing you should do before anything else is to analyze your computer. A great option is to go to the Google search engine if you do not know what can happen to it. If unfortunately, you do not find answers and notice that the problem is more severe than expected, it is best to go to a computer technician to help you repair your device.

2. Clean the computer registry

The error often comes because a routine registry cleaning has not been done. This can lead to laptop performance degradation causing system errors or program malfunctions.

There are many tools to clean the registry; one of them is CCleaner. This program has versions for all budgets and will allow you to effectively carry out routine cleaning of your device’s registry.

3. Reset PC

Another good solution is to reset the operating system. This feature will help you undo changes made to active system files allowing you to return to a previous saved state and fix recent problems.

All you have to do is go to your computer’s settings, the recovery section and select the option Reset this PC.

4. Defrag your laptop

Do you have problems with the speed of your laptop? Defragmenting your computer is essential for its speed and efficiency. Don’t you know what it consists of?

Well, defragmenting your PC’s hard drive is a process by which the files on the hard drive are rearranged, eliminating the spaces left by the files that have been deleted.

Defragmenting and cleaning your hard drive is essential for your laptop’s efficiency. Therefore, we recommend doing it once a month.

5. Clean your device

If your computer suddenly shuts down and it isn’t a programming problem, it’s probably due to overheating.

Overheating may be caused by the cover of the ventilation holes clogged with dust or dirt. Quiet, check the fan and remove all the dirt you find.

Also, avoid using the computer in places with high temperatures, as this can damage the device.

6. Hire an antivirus

The entry of a virus or malicious software into your computer is a widespread problem. If you notice that your laptop is slow, restarts and does not work correctly, a virus is likely taking over your device.

Our advice is always to prevent rather than cure, so we recommend hiring a good antivirus that protects you against this malicious software and performs a routine review of the device.

If you suspect an infection, you should hire antispyware. If you see that the situation does not improve, it is best to go to a technician who will help you solve this problem with guarantees.

7. Replace the power cord

Your laptop won’t turn on even when you plug it into power? This may mean that your power cord or charger is faulty. Given this, you will have no choice but to replace it with a new one.

These are the most straightforward solutions to repair your laptop from home. As you can see, it all depends on the type of problem. At wpkraken our goal is to help you and make your life easier.

If you want to know about our computer maintenance service, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to welcome you and provide you with the best service.

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