Floor rack cabinet

Floor rack cabinets are infrastructures whose shape allows them to be installed on the floor.

They do not need to be attached to the wall and are mobile as they have wheels.

The wheels of the floor rack cabinets can be locked or not and allow them to be moved without any effort or problem.

This type of computer cabinet is ideal for SMEs or offices with an immense structure of cables to store.

These cabinets can usually be dismantled through the side walls, as is typically the case. In addition, its elongated size allows it to occupy as little space as possible.

Wall-mounted rack cabinet

Wall rack cabinets are usually designed to be used in places with less cable infrastructure.
They are usually on tables or hung on the wall as small shelves. They can also be placed on the floor but do not have wheels to facilitate their movement, unlike floor rack cabinets.

Like the other rack cabinets, this one also has removable parts and areas that facilitate cooling.

Rack cabinets measurements

For the dimensions of rack cabinets, the first thing we need to know is that their unit of measurement is called “U”. One “U” equals 1.75 inches, which is 4.445 centimetres.

The most common measurements for the bottom of computer cabinets are 45 and 60 cm.

As for the height, we must consider that our rack cabinet’s ” U ” number will not correspond precisely to its equivalence in centimetres. These cabinets have another series of elements, such as wheels or cooling spaces, which make them slightly more prominent.

The width usually is 19 inches (48.26 cm). That is why on many occasions, we have been able to hear “19 rack cabinet” as a synonym for a standard rack cabinet.

Benefits of installing a rack cabinet in your office

The benefits of installing a rack cabinet in your office are many:

  • Neat and organized networks → you will avoid having the cables on the floor of your office, bundled together and messy.
  • Risk reduction → if there are loose cables around your office, someone can step on them or fall due to tripping.
  • More excellent facilities to access these or to solve any technical problem → as we mentioned before, having the cables organized in a place intended for it will make finding a specific thread an easier task.
  • Perfect for small spaces → if we have a small office, different rack cabinets adapt to all kinds of needs.
  • Improve the image of your office → if we enter an office where all its IT infrastructure is visible, this can cause an image of disorganization.

As we have seen, having a rack cabinet in your office can provide many advantages that make the workspace comfortable.

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