As a result of the confinement, a high number of cyberattacks on the infrastructure of companies has been recorded.

From wpkraken we want to offer some tips to prevent numerous cyberattacks.

  • virus. It is important to have an antivirus in our company, since, in this way, our computers are protected against a cyber attack. For this reason, we recommend our managed antivirus, where we already made it known in a previous article.
  • Passwords. Always having the same password on the sites where we need access is not at all secure, since it can happen that any account is hacked and our data is accessed. For this, it is important that the passwords are different and that they are created with numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, with a minimum of 8 characters and renewing them from time to time to make them more secure.
  • Updates. It is necessary that our team is always updated. For this reason, we recommend updating those drivers and/or applications whenever an update is required, or even reviewing them manually periodically.
  • Wi-Fi network. For greater security, it is recommended to change the security from WPA-PSK to WPA2-PSK, or even the WIFI password, since hackers have an easy time accessing it and stealing private information. In this way it is safer and in turn more difficult to access.
    It is also very important not to work with open Wi-Fi networks in airports or restaurants.
  • Backups. Making regular backups of our files is essential. We recommend making online backup copies, as it ensures, among other things, the recovery of our data in case of loss, theft or even fire, as has recently happened in one of the OVH buildings, and in the SEPE web hack.
  • firewall. It is also important that our company has a physical firewall. This monitors network traffic and in turn can identify and block all the traffic you don’t want, so if your company has a firewall, it will be much more difficult for attackers to appropriate your personal information.

In any case, employees represent the main real entry point for cyber attacks and are potential victims of cyber fraud.

For this reason, at wpkraken we are committed to raising user awareness to reduce the risk of suffering a cyberattack. Thus, we offer support in training and awareness in Information Security, to generate safe habits in users.

In any case, you can always contact us to advise you.

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