Has it ever happened to you? You likely think that once the data on your computer is lost, it will be impossible to recover it, but it is not. We are talking about data recovery.

Luckily, there is the possibility of recovering all personal and professional data from your device, and at wpkraken, we know how to do it.
From wpkraken, we offer the possibility of recovering all your data regardless of the device in which they were found (BackUp Tapes, Smartphones, CD-DVD, HDD Hard Drives…) or the cause of the loss, such as the device being damaged, fires, voltage spikes, viruses …

How do we work?

This is the structure with which we usually work to recover our clients’ data. If, in the end, you want to know more, you can access more information in our Services section:


We will take care of the collection, from anywhere in Spain, of the affected device, through a transport agency. A new support may be incorporated in this shipment to dump all the recovered data.


Once the diagnosis of the device has been carried out, we prepare a report in which we indicate to the client which data can be recovered and which cannot.

Partial data recovery

When we can only recover a part of the lost data, we offer the client the option to recover it or not; if for whatever reason, they decide not to retrieve it, we proceed to return the original device at no cost.

Full data recovery

If, after diagnosis, we find that all data may be recovered, we begin the process without sending the diagnosis to the customer. Once all the data has been uploaded and sent automatically, the invoice will be sent, €650 + VAT.

Device return

After payment of the invoice, the device is returned to the customer with all the recovered information. We allow destroying the original disk, always using a certificate if the client wishes.

payback period

It usually takes about a week to diagnose the device and about a week or two to recover the data. If it’s an urgent matter, we have an Express recovery service which we can detail if you contact us. You may also be interested in our post, “Encrypted data recovery | Solution.”

What are the general conditions?

We have some exceptions or conditions that you should know if you are interested in this type of service; these are the following:

Additional cost on devices that have already been tampered with or opened, as they have been tampered with incorrectly, making it difficult to recover data.

If the client provides us with another device so that we can download the data after the damaged machine has been collected, an additional €30 shipping fee will be charged.

As we have mentioned before, the cost of the introductory flat rate is €650 + VAT for data recovery.

Disk recovery in RAID systems is excluded from the flat rate. For more information about this service, you should contact us.

At wpkraken, we ensure your company’s security, striving to keep it safe. If you need more information about our data recovery service, do not hesitate to contact us.

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