Although there are several ways to get Windows 11, the most comfortable is its update manager integrated into the software.

Thanks to Windows Update, we will know if there are pending updates or if our computer is compatible with the new version.

The steps to do it are quite simple: we open “settings” and go to “update and security” and then to “Windows Update”. We click on “check for updates”. There it will appear if we have something pending to update and if we can update to Windows 11.

What happens if my device is not compatible?

There is a possibility that our computer is not compatible with the requirements that Windows asks of us. Microsoft will not prevent us from installing it, but if you still want to install it, you should know some consequences it may cause.

Among several issues, Microsoft will warn us that we will not have access to support for updates once Windows 11 is installed. This way, you will have to install it at your own risk. By not receiving regular security updates, threats or bugs may appear. Your version will be outdated and without any support.

In the case of having them, you will have to update by manually downloading the versions in ISO format from Microsoft servers. This can be an unintuitive and lazy process.

After knowing this, you will have to decide if it is worth upgrading or staying in the version you had. The important thing is to have an updated and error-free system.

Updates are not only security solutions in our software; we must also have routines that protect our devices and data, such as knowing how to create secure passwords and having constant computer maintenance.

Your laptop can’t update to the new version, and it’s quite old. Take a look at these tips to renew your laptop!

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