Good maintenance of the medical management software you use in your clinic guarantees that all the tasks are fulfilled within the established deadlines. This prevents failures and errors in daily tasks. Imagine that the system for scheduling appointments fails due to a lack of maintenance. Indeed you end up quoting patients on the same day at the same time, generating delays in the clinic and discomfort for patients.

You can save yourself these problems with proper software maintenance.

In addition, the data will remain centralized, and you will have access to all the information in real time.

Next, we will give you some tips for the maintenance of medical management software.

Operating system update

Outdated and outdated computers are more prone to hacks. Therefore, it is recommended to have the systems updated with the latest version.

Do not forget that all your applications circulate through your operating system. If there is any problem, your applications may not work correctly. A situation that can cause a waste of time for both your patient and you.

Update your operating system and avoid the well-known computer viruses that are a significant handicap in this new, highly digitized ecosystem.

Update drivers

Do you know what drivers are? They are the small software that controls a device of the computer. They ensure the proper functioning of elements such as the hard drive or the sound and video cards.

Sometimes these drivers fail to interact with updated software. For this reason, it is recommended to download them periodically, but always from the manufacturer’s website.

Almost everything is sent by email now, but some patients may ask you for their paper reports. How do you give them if your computer or software does not recognize your printer?

Delete everything you don’t use

Having items you don’t use on your team will lower your team’s performance and have unnecessary space on the hard drive.

Try to keep your computer as clean as possible. It is your place of work in administration matters and where all the clinic reports are stored.

Keep in mind: outdated apps also cause problems! That is why it is advisable to do a cleaning, eliminate those you know you will not need in your day-to-day, and update the ones you use.

Updated antivirus

Antivirus in our systems allows us to know the status of our computers at all times. Thanks to its periodic scanners, possible problems and incidents can be detected, and computer infections can be cleaned.

Keep your computer safe from viruses. Just as you take care of your patients, you also have to do it with a tool that is essential in the day-to-day of your clinic.

At the same time that you take care of the health of your patients, do it with your work tool!

An extra: think about backups or Backups.

Can you imagine a computer error and all your patient data is lost? Making backup copies is essential to secure all valuable information.

It is essential to perform them periodically so that if a problem occurs, it will not affect the clinic’s operation.

In addition, it is essential to back up and have all the information on another device. Regarding networks, it is crucial to store data on designated networks and never on the local hard drive.

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