In the digitized world we live in today; data protection has become a must. The use of computer equipment in companies allows them to carry out their daily activity while computer maintenance ensures that they work in optimal conditions. Data recovery plans are a vital instrument in the security of company information.

On numerous occasions, we throw our hands in our heads because our hard drive has been damaged and we cannot access the documents. The threat of cyber attacks or computer failures, where valuable information may be exposed, has led to implementation of new data protection tools. The potential risks of data storage are minimized with the performance of tools for its protection.

At wpkraken, we want to guarantee our customers peace of mind, which is why we strive daily to meet their expectations. Next, we show you everything you need to know about a data recovery plan and our rates and conditions for the security of your information.

What is a Data Recovery Plan?

A data recovery plan encompasses all digital privacy protection measures that are applied to recover information and prevent unauthorized access to data or its loss. These events can take place on computers, databases, or websites. Data security is an essential element of information technology in business organizations of any sector and size.

The recovery of data in the event of failures of the company’s computer systems is one of the essential elements within the field of security and information protection. Any event that interrupts the company’s activity at the computer level will require immediate measures to reduce the impact and scope of the incident with guarantees.

Some concepts associated with data security include encryption, tokenization, and essential management practices. This help protects data in business applications. In case of an incident, the first step will be to recognize and make the necessary means to manage it.

Why is a Data Recovery Plan important?

The importance of having a data recovery plan lies in overcoming any computer inconvenience that the usual activity in the company may cause. Not having it could spell disaster for the company or incur numerous costs if valuable information is lost. For this reason, it is necessary to have a data recovery plan since it is preferable to protect your computer systems than to ask for external help when the scope of the problem is irreversible.

Companies that implement and have these plans and tools at all times are less prone to data loss and cyberattacks. Automation is one of the essential functions of the programs since, among its advantages, it allows data backups.

Some tasks involved in incident management for data recovery would be establishing event collection systems, analyzing security incidents, and studying them later. Also, select a central point so that communication is fluid and there are precise response procedures. In short, data protection and recovery are essential today in the business environment to achieve the objectives set and carry out your activity in complete condition.

Data Recovery Service

Among the professional services that we offer from wpkraken for the recovery of data and valuable information for companies, we can highlight:

Collection of the device: We take care of collecting your device at any point in Spain through a transport agency. In said shipment, it is possible to include its support for the later dumping the recovered data.
Diagnosis: First, we carry out a diagnosis of the disk, and we send a list of all the files that can be recovered. This way, the client knows which files can be saved.
Partial data recovery: In this case, we give the client the option to proceed or not with the rescue, where if finally the recovery is not desired, we return the original device free of charge.
Total data recovery: If the diagnosis detects that 100% of the data can be saved, proceed directly, and no list is sent. We proceed to dump and send data automatically, and the agreed price of €650 + VAT is invoiced.

Sending the device: We return the damaged original device to the customer with the saved information, allowing the option of destroying the original disk using a certificate in case you do not want it.
Recovery period: Once we diagnose the device (approximately one week from collection), the recovery period of our flat rate is 1-2 weeks. We also have an Express recovery service, if you are interested, you can contact us, and we will inform you.

General Conditions of the Data Recovery Service

Recovery of opened or tampered with devices has an additional cost since, when tampered with, they reduce the chances of full recovery.
The cost of the device where the recovered data is returned (USB Pendrive, HDD) is omitted. The medium may be provided by the customer with the faulty appliance or supplied by us. If you wish to give a dump device later, an additional €30 postage will be charged.
The cost of the “basic” flat rate, which entails data recovery, is €650 + VAT.
Disk recovery in RAID systems is excluded from the flat rate. Check the price.


At R2 Tecnio we care about your company’s security and make all our efforts available to you. Our data recovery service will provide you with the solution you need, adapting to the different problems in the loss of documents.

If you want more information about our data recovery service or have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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