All companies have two key elements that ensure their survival: people and technology. This combination makes them able to offer the corresponding services and cover the clients’ needs. For this reason, Human Resources are fundamental and computer maintenance for companies.

Today we will talk about the latter, which keeps an organization’s computer equipment up to date. Solving all possible incidents, keeping all systems updated, and ensuring security against computer viruses.

Do you want to know the benefits of having a good computer maintenance service in your company? Today we will tell you everything; keep reading!

What is computer maintenance for companies?

Before knowing the benefits that good computer maintenance can bring companies, it is important to know what this concept means.

First, you should know that computer maintenance is carried out by specialized companies or internal company personnel. However, you should know that it is convenient to outsource the service to a company 100% dedicated to it to ensure maximum efficiency. It is normal to notice the wear of computer equipment, increasing slowness, or presenting various anomalies over time.

The goal is to ensure that all computer equipment in a company works efficiently, is up to date, and is as secure as possible.

There are three types of maintenance: predictive, preventive, and corrective. They vary depending on the degree of incidence.

Predictive: when failures are detected before they occur. This way, they are corrected in time, and major problems are avoided.
Preventive: refers to the application of procedures that extend the useful life of the systems and minimize the chances of failure.

Corrective: it happens when prevention is impossible since the failure is happening. The necessary tasks are carried out to solve it.



We could say that hiring a computer maintenance company like R2 Tecnio is a long-term investment. Entrepreneurs normally seek the highest possible profitability, but have you ever stopped to think about how computer equipment influences them?

Think that if your company has a poor team (slow, without the necessary security, outdated), your workers will be much slower in their tasks. In addition, by not paying attention to this equipment, they could end up breaking, for which the cost of replacing them would be added. If you are thinking of renewing your laptop, there are many factors that you must take into account when investing in new computer equipment.

Avoid a general stoppage.

When preventive computer maintenance is not carried out, numerous problems can occur, such as server failures, overbooking of hard drives, or cyber-attacks that plant a virus in your system.

These types of events force companies to be idle for a certain period. Since they need time to solve, this can mean a great monetary loss for the company and endless customers dissatisfied with your service.

In addition, you must remember that today your company’s important information will be stored in the cloud and on hard drives, so you need to keep it safe and make backup copies periodically.

Most productive workforce

One of the main reasons for hiring a computer maintenance company is that each worker’s tasks are prioritized.

Normally, many workers spend a large part of their day solving technical incidents for which they are not qualified. This means that they cannot dedicate their efforts to what is truly important: their daily tasks.

In addition, not only is time wasted by not having sufficient knowledge, but the problem will repeat itself since the most appropriate solution has not been found.

By hiring a computer maintenance team, each employee can dedicate himself 100% to his activities, confident that if a computer problem occurs, a team will help him.

And this is only a small part! Keep in mind that while you are reading this post, your competition has already hired a computer maintenance company that will have all their systems updated.

It’s time to be 100% updated. If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us. We advise you without commitment and will look for the service that best suits your company.

You can fill out the contact form on our website or call wpkraken. We are here to help you!

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