Today, many connected devices, such as clinics, are on the network in our workplaces. Sometimes, we need to share or send files from different devices or computer equipment. It is widespread to create a local network to solve this task quickly.

Using tools such as pen drives or external hard drives is obsolete since the loss or damage of these devices is common and can cause you to lose valuable information for your medical center. Regarding security, these tools may contain viruses or computer errors that can harm your equipment and your service to your patients.

From wpkraken we advise you to create a secure local network, and you can benefit from all its advantages. This article tells you everything you need to know to create a local network in your clinic. Don’t miss a thing!
What is a local network?

A local area network is a system to connect two or more computer equipment, whether they are computers or peripherals, within a common area. The main components used for its installation are a wireless signal (wifi) and Ethernet cables. In addition, the connection can be mixed, interspersing the relationship of some equipment through lines and wifi.

Having a secure local area network allows an exchange of information and data in our medical practice in a simple way. Thus, we will facilitate the activity of our employees, and our patients will have an optimized service focused on their needs without the need to implement external peripheral services.

Do you want to have a local network for your clinic? We tell you step by step everything you need to know to get it up and to run.
What is needed to create a local network in your clinic?

Next, we detail everything you need to set up a local network in your clinic:

Keep in mind the number of computers and peripherals connected to the network.

  • Carry out structured wiring, labeling the rosettes and connection panels.
  • Have a router with traffic analysis capacity.
  • Have a managed switch.
  • Have wifi antennas manageable using a wifi controller.
  • Have CAT6 network cables to connect to the network. On the other hand, if the equipment is going to connect via wifi, it will not be
  • necessary.

Steps to follow for installation

To configure the local network correctly, it is necessary to have a person with knowledge and experience in computer networks. In some cases, the network installation depends on the device’s software, although the procedure is similar in most cases.

At wpkraken, we have a multitude of IT services. If you need advice or maintenance in the local network of your clinic, do not hesitate to contact us. The steps to follow for its installation are the following:

  • Correctly identifies the rosettes with the points of the connection panel.
  • Connect to the switch only the network points you will use.
  • Replace the router provided by the Internet provider and configure the connection.
  • Connect the router to the controller using a CAT6 cable.
  • Connect the antennas to the controller through the rosettes.
  • Configure the wifi controller to advertise two different networks:
  • An internal with access to the network for the clinic teams
  • An external one, without access to the internal network, for guests and patients.
  • Check that everything works correctly.

Main advantages of having a local network in your clinic

There are many advantages of having a local area network in our medical practice. The ease of its implementation and the number of benefits they provide make it an ideal option to implement in your clinic. Below we present the main advantages of having a local network.
Share files between different devices

Once we have all the computers connected to the network, we can share data and files. Clinics with a local network that enables data connection clearly improve the use of resources. This tool is characterized above all by its speed and efficiency.

In addition, this type of network allows us to access data from any location and safely. If a patient does not show up at the consultation and you need to check information about the appointments of the day, you can do so without any complications. Communication between the medical center employees is improved in many ways, being able to consult documents simultaneously without interrupting their activity.
Save administrative tasks

A local network means a considerable reduction in administrative tasks since communications and file sharing are optimized.

It also allows sharing of the use of peripherals between the different teams in the office. For example, it is possible to have a single printer for all computers and employees in practice. This way, you save on device purchase and installation costs by unifying all the equipment on the same network.

The control and management of patients are optimized since each patient’s medical history is constantly updated. Any employee can consult it quickly, eliminating paperwork and offering a closer and faster service.
Security of the information

Establishing a secure local network in your medical center will help us to have regular data backups on several computers. The employees will have the necessary information about the patients and the updated appointments of the day, avoiding outdated reports or computer errors. Therefore, you will have greater control and security of the information with which you work.

The only ones who will be able to have access to the documents will be the employees of the clinic, thus avoiding possible infiltration. Access control will also serve as an element to protect documents and authorize the necessary personnel.

In short, creating a secure local network is an excellent advantage for your clinic and is an essential part of its growth. It is achieving a clear improvement in productivity and in communication and the service offered to the clients of the medical consultation.

At wpkraken, we aim to make creating a secure local network as simple as possible. We want to collaborate with you in maintaining your clinic’s network with the common purpose of optimizing the performance of your center’s assets. We are ISO 27001 certified in Information Security, and we would like your business to benefit from our experience in protecting networks and systems like yours.

If you want to know more about the services we can offer you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to welcome you and provide you with the best service.

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