We already know what a virtual switchboard is, what it consists of and what its advantages are. It’s time to understand what we need to get a virtual switchboard in our business.

  • Have an Internet connection: as we have already mentioned, the virtual switchboard is hosted in the cloud, so it is necessary to have an Internet connection. Fibre optics is recommended if you want higher quality, although that will depend on the coverage that reaches your address.
  • Have telephone devices: there is no need to buy IP phones or install specific software. Only with the application on a smartphone and by accessing a browser on your computer can you connect to the virtual switchboard extension. The simplest option for teleworking may be the IP telephone (telephones that relate to the Internet and are created for the use of the switchboard), the ATA adapter (rooted phones that connect to the Internet and the telephone and convert the analogue signal into VoIP) and the softphone (programs that emulate telephones and calls can be made from a computer or mobile phone, all you need is a headset with a microphone).

There will be no more configurations: no technical knowledge is required since the start-up is very simple and immediate. The extensions do not need arrangements in the devices since it is only accessed from a browser to a link and insert username and password. This supposes total autonomy to carry out procedures in the administrator panel.

Of course, all this is important to start a virtual switchboard. Over time, the company must take into account other aspects to avoid problems in the future, such as computer maintenance, ensuring that your company’s files are safe to prevent losses and, of course, avoiding cyber attacks.

If you have already launched your centralized system and are thinking of contracting computer maintenance for the security of your company’s equipment, do not hesitate to contact wpkraken. We will be happy to help you!

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