Have you ever found it very slow and tedious to update your computer, or have you even found it impossible to complete them? This article can be handy for you. From wpkraken we want to offer you some solutions to this type of problem.
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Ways to optimally upgrade your equipment

Integrated troubleshooter. The easiest option is to use the “Troubleshooter” that Windows comes with by default. To do this, we would enter the Control Panel and click on “Troubleshooting”. Once at this point, we click on “See all”, and there “is Intelligent transfer service in the background”. We should run it until it finds no errors. On the other hand, we will activate the “Windows Update Troubleshooter” following the same procedure.

Windows Update Troubleshooter

Disk cleanup. When the installation of updates becomes a heavy process, it is possible that what happens is that the downloaded files are saved on the disk. Being unable to move forward, what you can do is: free up disk space. A window will appear, where we will have to click on “clean system files”. Thus, by checking “clean all,” the computer will scan the disk again and empty it. Some of those items are related to Windows Update, which will help fix the errors.

Free up hard drive space

Delete the Software Distribution folder. We find all the Windows updates in this folder, so if we delete or rename this folder, we will delete the saved updates. This allows us to check for updates and install them, which can be helpful in making sure they are installed correctly.

Software Distribution folder

Microsoft Update Catalog. As a last option, we can resort to installing the Windows Update updates manually on our own through the Microsoft page. We will look at those that have installation errors and look for the code that begins with KB. Once it appears, we will look at the one from our Windows version. If we have a 32-bit computer, we will look for the x86 version. On the other hand, if we have a 64-bit machine, we will look for the installation package for x64.

From wpkraken, we hope that these tricks will be helpful in the future, and we recommend this article that might interest you about what to do if you suffer a cyberattack: all this and much more on our blog. Don’t miss a thing!

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